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Photography | Fotografie 

You need high-impact pictures for your application? We'll organize a professional photo shoot and pick a selection of the best pictures as per you requirements. We also help you to choose the right locations and outfits.

We provide an on-location Make up artist where necessary.

What about a photo shoot as a Valentine's gift? Getting married? A gap to fill in your family album? Or something special?

We can meet your needs.

More about our photographer | Click here

Graphic Design | Web Design

Want a uniform look for your application material? Enlarge an existing portfolio?

Created for you...

Flyer | Folder | Booklets | Poster | Vita | Sedcard | Business Card | DVD Label | DVD Cover

You want to copy your material? No problem. We can recommend a professional print shop.

Need to create an online profile? We can create an individual design and ensure that your website can go online at favorable rates with the help of our partners.

Examples of Graphic Design | Click here

Video Production | Videoproduktion

You want a promo film? An event to film? A-Z, consider it done! We´ll support you from the first step to the final product.

You´re an actor and need a showreel? Ditto.

Editing | Schnitt 

Rushes/Raw material for editing? We´ll create a new showreel or refresh your present material.


You need help with your application? The bureaucracy drives you crazy? Stage fright? Professional, experienced actors will coach you individually and offer you practical lessons.


You work with children and young people? Would you like to offer them a practical workshop in theatre/set acting? We do professional weekend classes for children ages 8 and up.

Network | Netzwerk 

You want more? We can arrange it. Our partner companies offer you services in the areas of ...

Web Coding | Voice Recording | Sound Engineering/Design | Coaching | Illustration

Prices | Preise 

Pricing depends on the amount of work, plus 19% VAT and it will be defined after a free consultation and / or viewing of your material.

If you have further questions we are happy to help you.

Special for Actors!

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